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What should I know about Bello's usage-based pricing?
What should I know about Bello's usage-based pricing?

Discover more about Bello's usage-based pricing plans.

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Bello's usage-based pricing model is designed to provide scalability and straightforward billing to our users.

This guide explains our pricing and usage structure to help you make the most of Bello's services.

How It Works

  1. Credit System: Bello operates on a credit system, where credits are used for accessing features like wallet searches and messaging.

  2. Acquiring Credits: Credits can be purchased in packages, with the cost per credit becoming more economical in larger packages. This caters to both individual users and enterprises.

  3. Consumption of Credits: Actions in Bello such as wallet searches or sending messages consume a specific number of credits. We maintain transparency in credit usage.

  4. Subscription Plans: We offer monthly and annual plans, each providing a set number of credits. Note that unused credits do not roll over to the next month.

  5. Enterprise Solutions: For larger organizations, Bello offers customized Enterprise plans, which may include higher credit limits and invoice-based payments.

Key Features of Our Pricing

  • Scalability: The credit system is designed to accommodate both small-scale and large-scale blockchain analytics needs.

  • Transparency: Users can easily track credit consumption for each action, aiding in effective budget management.

  • Customization: Bello's variety of plans ensures that the service can be tailored to Enterprise accounts.

Managing Your Credits

  • Credit Tracking: Users can monitor their credit balance through the Bello dashboard.

  • Top-Up Options: Additional credits can be purchased directly through the platform by subscribing to a new plan.


Bello's usage-based pricing offers a clear and structured approach to blockchain analytics, aligning expenditure with actual usage.

For more information on our plans and to find one that fits your needs, visit our Pricing page.

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